“There’s nothing better than a freshly home cooked meal at work.”

- Jon S.

“The food's great, the waiters are courteous. Will definitely like to have their services again.”

- Sergey P.

LaVier Cuisine has provided us with some of the most exquisite catered meals I can remember in recent history. I can’t remember a time when our employees didn’t see their food and NOT make exclamations such as “Wow that looks delicious” or “These guys should cater ALL of our food”. It’s always a nice feeling to know when they are coming in because we know they go the extra mile to provide the freshest, tastiest, and most visually appealing meals. And their desserts are always a scrumptious surprise.

- G. Martinez

LaVier Cuisine is simply unforgettable, the multitude of styles and dishes they can cook is never ending and each one is tastier and better then the last! LaVier Cuisine is easily the highlight of my week!

- S.Chang

Their dishes are wonderfully varied and their attention to detail is second to none.

- Clark H.

LaVier Cuisine consistently prepares diverse menus, with high quality ingredients for various events. Also their demeanor is extremely courteous and professional. I would definitely hire them for any event that required good food.

- Chris M

I hired LaVier Cuisine to cater my husband’s 50th Birthday party for nearly 200 guests. I cannot express enough how pleased I was with the entire experience. The food was delicious and staged beautifully, the service was outstanding, and the price was right. The presentation of the hors d’ oeuvres and the dinner were timely and went smoothly .

- Daniele S

My experience with LaVier Cuisine:

This began positively when I began searching online during the New Year's holiday for a caterer to come to my home to present a meal for a special occasion. Most caterers I found would only answer on January 2, even though I began contacting them on Dec 27th. La Vier responded immediately and most professionally. In short order we were offered a choice of menus and a guarantee that our needs would be met even though we lived in Moraga, some distance from Novato. Gabriela offered a choice of menus depending on price, and also cutlery, table cloths, cooking utensils etc. After we had agreed on the menu and price and had signed a contract, she and Guillermo visited our house to assess the seating and cooking arrangements and the suitability of our kitchen. All this left me with a feeling of confidence as I was traveling from January 4 until January 20, while the event was scheduled for January 21. I found I did not need to be concerned about any of the arrangements while traveling.

On the evening, they arrived about 3 hours in advance in order to begin the meal preparation and table settings. Gabriela then served hors d'oevres while Guillermo prepared the meal. She also poured the wine during the meal, as well as announcing to our guests (party of 7) each individual course and how it had been prepared.

I found the price very reasonable, the meal delicious and agreeably served. I would use La Vier in the future for such dinners at home. I sensed that my guests would as well.

- Brian M

I wanted to thank LaVier Cuisine for a job well done. Everyone seemed happy with the food. With the exception of the weather, the picnic was a success.

- Katherine M.

We hired LaVier Cuisine to cater our Wedding and since the beginning we saw their professionalism , they helped us to made the right decisions as far as food, table decorations,etc and all was perfect I couldn’t believe they turned and empty room into a dream room. I will recommend them with all my friends and family they are the BEST!

- Wendy V.


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